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    Welcome to Feder!

    We specialise in custom design with a belief that each event is unique


      Life’s best moments, on display

      From our packaging to the product, we aim to create every day, a memory, an impression, fleeting and golden. We know that all can do is live fully in the now, sharing our moments with one another, and just pause – to celebrate. 

      Give permanence to what matters

      Let’s live fully in the now

      A wrap that says it all

      Packaging is a visual memoir of the life we live together. An anchor that reminds the close ones of what they mean to us and the value of the relationship, shared.

      Time – honoured craftsmanship by the hand

      Display – worthy designs

      Give gifts, that mean more

      A gift for the one who’s leaving.

      The one who’s staying.

      The one who’s at your side every single day.

      The one who raised you or led you or followed you.

      The one you’re cheering on.

      The one you love.

      The ones who matter.

      For the ones who matter most

      Give gifts that mean more

      Design with a purpose

      Today – with the help of the nonprofit ‘selflessly yours‘ , Feder helps to bring a sense of permanence and belonging to many women of the nearby village, as they finally find that place that feels like home and where their talent is appreciated.

      Our mission is simple

      The Force behind Feder

      All you do – it matters

      Today and everyday we celebrate occasions that are close to the heart.

      The invite is more than an announcement – it’s the first piece of your big day, a little slice of joy for those friends and family that make it once-in-a-lifetime.

      With Feder, we aim to create an announcement that feels personal, International, and worthy of your occasion.


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      Our studio of Seasonal Colors

      On pausing to remember

      From our packaging to the product, we aim to create every day, opulently beautiful. Slow crafted, hand – set packaging arouse a sense of tradition, craftsmanship, and respect for every occasion.

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